Our purpose
Harnessing Women's Talent is a Business Imperative


  • Women make up 50% of the global working-age population1

  • Women represent only 39% of the global labor despite making up over 50% of the world's higher education graduates1


  • Economic growth: $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by closing the gender gap2

  • Talent diversity: Organizations with more diverse workforce perform better financially2

  • Human rights: Women views and values are critical for ensuring a more prosperous and inclusive common future

Actualising the full potential of women leads to sustainable human capital development

  • Equitable work-life balance drives stronger family structures

  • Women can contribute their full potential to society

Source: 1IHS; ILO; Oxford Economics; World I/O Database; National Statistical Agencies; McKinsey Global Growth Model 2McKinsey Study

The expansion of women participation contributes to the increase of GDP and higher quality of life

gdp increase by 0.3%

  • For every 1% increase in women's education, the average gross
    domestic product (GDP) rises 0.3%.

quality of life

  • Gender equality positively influences the quality of life: men and women who live in countries with high gender parity are more likely to have a high quality of life and less likely to suffer from depression, divorced or become a victim of violent death.

gdp increase by $28 trillion

  • If the world closes the gender gap in workforce participation, GDP would increase by $28 trillion (about a quarter of the world's current GDP and almost half of its current debt) by 2025.

champion quality of life causes

  • Women have been proven to work across party lines to champion issues such as parental leave and childcare, pensions, gender-equality laws and electoral reform.

women suffrage

  • Nine out of 10 countries with the highest quality of life are also among the first 25 countries to grant women's suffrage.

Source: Modern Guide to Equality, June 2017, Catalyst

Women in leadership positions have particularly shown improved company performance

positive outcome

  • Women's participation contributed positively to the company's performance

diversity impact roa

  • Companies with >30% Women on Board - contributed up to 8% Return of Assets of the company

similar international study

  • 2016 Credit Suisse Gender 3000 Report-3,400 companies worldwide, has shown that companies with at least one female director yielded a compound excess return of 3.5% for investors over the previous decade

Study by Ismet Al-Bakri, Senior Manager, Chief Regulatory Office, SC as part of his doctoral thesis