Multiple studies have shown that women’s contribution can raise the current global economic growth to greater heights. Yet, women at decision making levels remain elusive. Malaysia’s Women Leadership Foundation (WLF) strives to create opportunities for women, through strategising, developing and mentoring women leaders so they may become part of crucial decision-making processes and reach the highest levels of company management - where they rightly deserve to be.

What is our Mission?

  • To be the center for the development of women leaders of the nation
  • To be the reference platform in the development of National Policy with regards to women

What is our Vision?

To have all public listed companies, GLCs, GLICs, government agencies and institutions across industries in Malaysia increase women leaders participation beyond 30%.

SILK Leadership Programme

  • S (SKILLS)- Discover the Top 10 most important Leadership Skills for Women
  • I (Intelligent, Innovative & Integrity) - The power of 3 I
  • L (LEADERSHIP) - Find out the Secret of Mentorship, Leadership & Partnership
  • K (KNOWLEDGE) - Knowledge is Power, Acquiring Knowledge is Infinity

The programme welcomes participants from all functions and units within all kinds of companies and organisations, and will benefit a range of candidates – from high-potentials to experienced industry leaders.


How to build yourself as a Thought Leader & Business Influencer on LinkedIn

Date and time:
July 10, 2021
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Thought Leadership & Business Influencers are becoming the new commodity through the power of social media! In such an unknown and uncertain era, learn how to leverage the benefits of social media and thought leadership to promote ourselves and build a steady pipeline of sales as an expert and thought leader in your respective industry. WLF & PopCon’s talk will take you from social zero to social hero, giving you and your team a great grounding and insight to open up a whole new world of brand building, Thought Leadership and Business Influencing.

Speaker: Nina Shahril Khan , Founder , Pop Confest

Moderated : Zueraini Basri Mentee , WLF

Date : 10 July 2021

Time 9:30-12:30 ( Malaysian Time)

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