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The Women Leadership Foundation was officially established in 2021 with the aim of championing gender diversity in business as well as increasing women participation in the private and public sectors. The Foundation’s True North is to harness women's talent and generate more participation in all local listed companies, local investment related bodies as well as regulators and government agencies.

harnessing women's potential towards nation building

Diversity do not only bring colours. More importantly, it brings strength to economic settings through varied talents, skills and experiences.

The irony is that women comprises more than half of the world’s graduates but are not well-represented at decision-making levels of the economy.

Multiple studies have shown that women’s contributions can raise the current global economic growth to greater heights. Yet, women at decision-making levels remain elusive!


Malaysia’s Women Leadership Foundation or WLF strives to create opportunities for women, through strategising, developing and mentoring women leaders so they may become part of a crucial decision-making process, and reach the highest levels of company management - where they deserve to be.

WLF also identifies entrepreneurial talents, train them to think big, coaches them to go beyond local markets and provide them with sponsorship especially for Malaysia’s B40 category.

wlf's wishlist

With objectives driven by conviction, WLF intends to unite all women’s associations under one body. It aims to set up financial and academic institutions for women, to strengthen and polish their leadership skills -- all with the intention of unleashing and maximising their full potential.

Women Leadership Foundation is committed to turn these objectives into realities thus empowering today’s women and generations to come.Harnessing a woman’s potential is a business imperative, and that is what drives the Women Leadership Foundation to reach out and assist young talents. 

Through a collective and concerted effort, the Women Leadership Foundation will ensure that there will be a continuous stream of polished, talented, smart and intelligent young women leaders in the market who will take the country to the next level!

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