SILK, a part of the Women Leadership Foundation’s (WLF) hallmark programme, is designed to equip women with the tools they need to increase impact on leadership and create a lasting personal sense of fulfilment and achievements throughout their professional career. Much like the well sought after delicate and high quality silk fabric, the programme is specifically designed to bring out key attributes and values that makes women in prime position a uniquely well-rounded business leader.

We from the Leadership Team are here to work with you because we care & are passionate on developing new potential women leaders.

s - skills


Curated specifically for women leaders combining future-proof global leadership, business & management programs with International Ivy league faculty to deliver strong leadership & skill capabilities for women leaders to succeed in industry 4.0

The 12 months course programme is driven by the objective of raising women to be the “LEADERS” they are MEANT to be and claim their place in the echelons of leadership, business & management.

The programme consists of interactive workshops held every 2 months with participants to receive course certification from a prestigious global business school with roots in one of the most renown global universities ( Leadership Academy).

What will the programme cover:

i - intelligent, innovative, integrity

The power of the 3 I (Intelligent, Innovative, Integrity) builds the foundation of a successful leader that is able to excel in any given situation. Join our programmes to know more on the power of the 3 I.

Stay tuned as we gear up for more exciting programmes coming up in August.

l - leadership

Success has to start from somewhere and with the right guidance through strong mentorships, true potentials of being a great leader can be realised. The SILK mentoring programme is specifically designed for established mentors to coach protégés in honing their skills and move upwards in their career.

Roles of Mentor and Protégé


  • Provide advice and guidance for the protégé to harness their true potential
  • Act as an ‘advocator’ to promote protégé amongst their networks
  • Lead changes to advocate Diversity & Inclusion within their circle of influence


  • Proactively seek advise from mentors, and polish their business acumen by leveraging on their strengths
  • Bringing it forward by mentoring younger female personnel
  • Advocate for institutional change in Malaysia in terms of policy

The type of mentorship programmes will be divided into one-on-one sessions, group mentoring and SILK networking. There will be 4 steps to the programme:

  • Matching
    Mentors and protégé to be introduced and given time to know each other
  • Selection
    Mentors and protégé to choose and present their list of Mentor/ Protégé choices  with priority given to mentors
  • Activation of mentor-mentee programme
    Engagement sessions will include Training, Coaching, Mentoring based on identified programmes
  • Change request
    Change requests are allowed in cases where either the mentor or protégé strongly feelsthe need to change after a minimum of 3 months

The foundation of the programme is being built upon the tried, tested and proven key elements of mentoring which are:

  • Understand
    Understand personal and key career goals, skills and abilities of mentee
  • Advocate
    Provide recommendation for organisations or companies to present opportunities for the mentee
  • Advice
    Feedback tomentee on what they need to do to achieve the said goals

Join our mentorship programmes and learn from our certified and experienced mentors and reap the benefits towards forging a successful career ahead.

k - knowledge

SILK Knowledge Enhancement

SILK Knowledge Enhancement is a platform for Women Leaders & future Leaders to acquire New Knowledge & Information . The talk series and roundtable discussion conferences provides an opportunity to be exposed to the widest range of industry knowledge, issues and information.

How often are the programmes held:
- Monthly talk series
- Quarterly

1) Mini Conference
2) Workshop / Rountable Talk
3) Visits

What will the programme cover:


How to build yourself as a Thought Leader & Business Influencer on LinkedIn

Date and time:
July 10, 2021
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Thought Leadership & Business Influencers are becoming the new commodity through the power of social media! In such an unknown and uncertain era, learn how to leverage the benefits of social media and thought leadership to promote ourselves and build a steady pipeline of sales as an expert and thought leader in your respective industry. WLF & PopCon’s talk will take you from social zero to social hero, giving you and your team a great grounding and insight to open up a whole new world of brand building, Thought Leadership and Business Influencing.

Speaker: Nina Shahril Khan , Founder , Pop Confest
Moderated : Zueraini Basri Mentee , WLF
Date : 10 July 2021
Time 9:30-12:30 ( Malaysian Time)
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SILK Leadership Programme

  • S: Skills
    - Discover the Top 10 most important Leadership Skills for Women
  • I: Intelligent, Innovative & Integrity
    - The power of 3 I
  • L: Leadership
    - Find out the Secret of Mentorship, Leadership & Partnership
  • K: Knowledge
    - Knowledge is Power, Acquiring Knowledge is Infinity

The programme welcomes participants from all functions and units within all kinds of companies and organisations, and will benefit a range of candidates - from high-potentials to experienced industry leaders.