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OUr true north
true north
  • Create a funnel of women leaders for the nation

  • All local investment related bodies , regulators and Government agencies to increase women leaders beyond 2020.

  • All local listed companies to increase women leaders beyond 2020

Governments and Regulators
  • To ensure more women representation in GLICs, GLCs and PLCs
  • To collaborate with relevant Ministries and Agencies to increase women leaders
GLCs, PLCs and GLiCs
  • To play an active role in promoting women leaders at GLCs, PLCs, GLiCs
  • To develop potential women leaders to play bigger roles in C-Suite level
  • To work with GLCs, PLCs, GLICs and ensure gender diversity in boards of companies scheduled for listing
  • To collaborate with universities and higher institutions (public and private)
  • To ensure at least 50% women leaders are represented at senior management and VC level positions
  • Focus on nurturing women leaders, eg female student leaders empowerment group
  • Non-listed companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Asset Management companies
  • Investment banks
  • New MNCs applying for license to operate in Malaysia